My photographic work seeks the beauty in the everyday, the often-overlooked, and (in the occasional foray into symbolism) the intentionally ignored.

“Intimidation” (2017)
“Murderboat 1” (2017)

Sometimes this takes the shape of attention paid to details of natural scenery…

“Autumn Hillside,” 2021
“Before Delivery,” 2021

…and sometimes this takes the shape of urban exploration…

“Behind the AT&T Building”

…and occasionally entails positioning audiences to project emotions onto inanimate objects.

“Can’t Go Outside”

My photography portfolio is available here.

In 2021, also produced/filmed/edited this promotional video for The Art Effect, and though I haven’t had a chance to shoot any original fictive material since before the pandemic, boy did it make me miss doing so! I actually shot this while 7 months pregnant, taking inspiration from cinematographer and professional badass Rachel Morrison, who wrapped Against All Enemies while 8 months pregnant. Guess my daughter can say she’s had experience on a film set even before she was born.

The Art Institute: Access to Excellence in the Arts

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